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mission statement


Team Leonidas Wrestling Club is committed to developing young people of high character and outstanding moral fiber through the pursuit of excellence in the sport of wrestling who will then be able to find success in any endeavor in life on or off the mat.

Our Coaches

katy texas - established 2012

Mike Demarchi - Director / Coach

Jim Gumm - Coach

Aaron Martinsen - Youth Director / Coach

​Covey Hall - Coach                    




Team Leonidas has been a chartered usa wrestling club in katy tx since 2012.  We began as a freestyle and Greco offseason team but have recently started a youth program for k-8 folkstyle.  our club is focused on developing young competitors and getting the most out of our experienced wrestlers. 


Program Objectives


All Levels

       1. Build good and respectful people


       2. introduce the sport of wrestling in a safe, fun, and positive way

       3. Provide a structured approach to technique acquisition, practice, and competition that will allow young wrestlers to develop into

           quality Seven Lakes High School Wrestlers

High School (Freestyle and Greco)

       4. Provide freestyle and Greco wrestling instruction and practice to further develop our athletes wrestling skills

       5. Support the wrestlers in freestyle and Greco competition in order to qualify for and wrestle on Team Texas National Teams

Team Leonidas Wrestling Club